Welcome to opensource-solar.org, a place for collaborative development of open source hardware for small photovoltaic systems.

Photovoltaic power supplies are very useful if grid electricity is unavailable, cabling inconvenient, or in emergency situations. We provide a modular system consisting of a Solar panel, microcontroller based Charge controller, and application specific modules for LED lighting and cell-phone charging with a DC-DC converter.

Our goal is to build systems of highest quality affordable for everyone.

This is possible by DIY assembly and open source community designed kits which will be shipped worldwide. One of the biggest advantages of our open source design method is that it gives unparalleled opportunities for learning about photovoltaics. We use, wherever possible, Open source Software for this work. Only a small set of Tools and some simple skills like soldering are required for assembly and for taking part in the design efforts.

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Latest news

LED lighting: ANSOLE meeting "Solar Energy for Sustainable Development"
ANSOLE DAYS 2012 with the theme "Solar Energy for Sustainable Development" will be held in Yaoundé Cameroon from the 17th to the 19th of February 2012
Added by Moritz von Buttlar about 8 years ago

Charge controller: Capacitive Touch Switch
The microcontroller has special inputs for a capacitive proximity sensor. This sensor is used as the main ON/OFF switch for the solar powered LED lighting system.
Added by Moritz von Buttlar about 8 years ago

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Latest projects

  • DIY (09/08/2011 06:26 pm)

    Information about skills, tools, physics, and everything else which is not related to one specific designs.

  • DC-DC (07/07/2011 09:26 pm)

    Switching power supply designs for high efficiency voltage conversion.

  • LED lighting (05/03/2011 01:24 pm)

    Design of LED lighting systems which are powered from rechargeable batteries (LiFePO4 and other types) and which are optimized to work with the charger and solar panel designs.

  • Charge controller (05/03/2011 12:48 pm)

    A charge controller is very important in a solar power system. It prevents damage to the rechargeable battery which can occur due to overcharging or due to deep discharging. Furthermore, it includes on/off switches for the wiki Loads.

    Charge controller WIKI...

  • Solar Panel (04/18/2011 10:54 am)

    How to build a solar panel from solar cells.